28 Days Calendar

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"Every flower blooms at a different rate. "

Suzy Kassem


We all know that every flower blooms at a different rate.  That's what makes the garden so beautiful.  And people are the same - not everyone is on the same path.  But staying in the moment, when we really want to bloom right now, can be hard.    But we also know that creating a deeper appreciation of this moment will help anxiety about the future fade, and make it easier to see the opportunities that are beckoning you. 

That's the purpose of the 28 Days calendar.

28 simple, affirming ways to help you on your journey.  

There is plenty of research demonstrating that people who express or experience feelings of gratitude have better relationships, less stress and anxiety, and feel a sense of well-being.  More important, we all know people that seem able to rise above uncertainty and negativity because they have an active habit of practicing gratitude.

But it's so easy for our good intentions to fall to the bottom of the very long list of things to do.  And while journaling or creating vision boards or spending time in meditation every day are all great ways to practice gratitude, it can be hard to find the time for those activities, especially when you are starting on a journey.  So, we've created short activities that you can do anywhere.  We believe simple gets done, so we've made these activities simple and fun. As you move along the road, you can build and expand on these activities to create the roadmap that best suits you.

The 28-day calendar encourages you to set your intention then create cues and prompts to remind you to pause during the day and recall your intention.  Each day has a simple activity idea to help you build the practice into your ordinary routine

And as a bit of reinforcement, each of the four weeks you will receive an encouraging email with downloadable wallpaper for your desktop and phone to serve as a quiet reminder for the week.

Start when it's the right time for you.  If you miss a day, just pick up where you left off.  The goal is to add something to your life that makes you feel happy, not to add stress or anxiety about getting it "right."

You will receive an email with your calendar.  We will use your email address to send the weekly reminders and wallpaper downloads, as well as news about Gratitude Soapery.