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Our Story

Made with Intention

Made with intention

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It started with soap

The Gratitude Story

Gratitude Soapery was founded several years ago by an amazing woman named Kenna. With her track record of starting and running successful soap companies and a mission to make the world a better place, one bar of soap at a time, it was sure to be a hit.

But life took Kenna in a different direction—and being the generous person she was, she decided to give the company away to two really great and creative guys in San Francisco. And then life took them in a different direction, too. Once again, Kenna and the guys decided to pass along the company.

That's where I come in.

After years of working for big corporations as both a lawyer and a business person, I decided to retire and look for something new to do. After a year of learning yoga and spending time with family and friends, I realized that I needed a second (or maybe a third or fourth) act. I’d always had visions of owning a lavender farm. But, as it turns out, lavender farms have a long timeline to productivity—so, as I waited for the lavender to grow and mature, I figured I’d try creating soap in the meantime.

Already familiar with Gratitude and its origins, I fell in love with its concept. In fact, I had even used Kenna’s resources in the past to improve my soap-making skills. So, when the opportunity arose to own Gratitude, I seized it. I did my research, worked out a business plan, and identified which organizations to support with my donations. Then, I made my video and applied. And I made the final five—hooray!

But when the lucky winner was announced, it wasn’t me.

“I’ll show you!” I thought to myself. So, I started my own soap and cosmetics company.

Fast forward about a year, and a note flashed across my screen. It said that a turn-key soap business was for sale. It was Gratitude.

The company had ended up back with Kenna. She’d worked her magic, re-formulated, added products to the line, hired an amazing branding agency to provide a fresh new look and packaging, and then realized she already had a full plate of consulting and running her Modern Soapmaking business. So, she offered Gratitude for sale once again. And this time, I won!

Ever since I first learned about the brand, I felt we belonged together. Leaving the corporate world wasn’t easy, and not entirely my choice. I’d spent a certain amount of time feeling angry and sorry for myself. I realized I was really good at seeing what I didn’t have, and that life would be a lot richer if I learned to focus on what I did have. So, I began to focus on practicing gratitude—even when it wasn’t easy or instinctive.

Being able to share this brand with you at this point in my journey feels so right. Since acquiring Gratitude back in December of 2018, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what it stands for and what I want to say. Not only do I want to delight you with my products, I want to nurture your efforts to live a life full of gratitude and grace. I want nothing more than to support your desire to make a difference in the world.

So, consider this your invitation to join me on the adventure. It’s going to be one exciting ride!

Thank you,
Kristin Blomquist
Owner of Gratitude Soapery


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Kenna, Founder

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Kristin, Owner