Who is behind this?

In 2012, we started on a journey that would lead us to here. Right here. Right now. That was the year Preston and Tyler started making soap – real honest to goodness handmade soap.

Preston and Tyler Soap Making SpaceIn 2013, we established our first soap company, Sudz By Studz. By the end of our first year in business, we realized exactly how much good soap can do in this world. The following year Kenna, the mastermind behind Modern Soapmaking, decided to host Give Gratitude  – a giveaway where she gave her soapy lovechild to the most suited applicant for continuing the mission of Gratitude.

After several weeks of uncontainable anticipation and excitement, we found out that the panel of judges chose us from the stack of over 75 applications to take the reins of Gratitude Soapery (now that’s something to have gratitude for!) Shortly thereafter, in October of 2014, Gratitude Soapery found its light with us.

get personal.

We have an extreme weakness for third-wave coffee shops, adopting cats, collecting art, electronic music, dance parties in the soapery, reality television (especially ANTM and RuPaul’s Drag Race) and supporting small businesses.

When we are not hovering over the soap pot or handling our various administrative duties, we are usually helping out in our community in one form or another. It’s love. It’s charity. It’s everything to us!

If all is right in the soap world, you can find Preston reading a book on philosophy and Tyler singing a jazz solo (you may remember him from the the first season of NBC’s The Voice).

the real deal.