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You are humble (and smell like sunshine).

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You are...


You aren’t one of those people who shoves your behavior or personality down the throat of others, there’s something to say about that.

I enjoy modesty, especially in those who are changing the world (just like you). There’s so much in the world around us that screams pretentious, it’s refreshing and admirable to find someone so down to earth and humble.

Thank you for that, I’m grateful that I can enjoy your spark without being set on fire.

Lemongrass Soap

There’s a crazy bright lick of sunshine in lemongrass soap that is grounded and daring, silent and sunny. It’s the cheer in your step reflected right back to the suds in your hand. Fresh lemongrass tickled by a dose of may chang and a drizzle of ylang ylang, lemongrass soap gives you the real deal on sweet suds without being biting and sharp.

Baffled by the art of handmade soap? See how it’s made, plus get the 411 on why Gratitude Soapery’s handmade soap is the best of the best.

A Product with a Purpose

For every bar of Humble you buy, on top of donating a bar of soap to someone in need, we will donate $1 to CenterLink. Now that’s something to be humble about!

The 411

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 4 x 1.5 x 3 in


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