What is real handmade soap?

Handmade Colorful Soap Bricks

Gratitude Soapery crafts handmade cold process soap, which is a true soap made by combining a perfect balance of vegetable oils, water, sodium hydroxide, pure essential oils, and cosmetic grade colorants.

Cold process soap making is a craft that is centuries old that has been passed down generation by generation. (Not in our family, unfortunately! We’re changing that!)

Unlike detergent-based “soap” products, handmade soap retains all of the natural glycerin (a humectant) created by the chemical reaction of saponification. (Pssstt, that’s the chemical reaction that transforms oils and lye into soap.)

What’s in my handmade soap?

In our case, the oils we use are all food grade vegetable oils. No lard or tallow here!

Every single bar of our handmade soap contains 25% African shea butter. Shea butter in handmade soap creates the most amazingly creamy lather and gentle cleansing power for pampered skin. ( We might be biased…)

Orangutan and Baby Loves Palm Free

Gratitude Soapery is a palm free soap company. Palm oil production is a sensitive issue for some, but we believe it has devastating environmental effects that can’t be ignored.

Palm oil production threatens hugely bio-diverse regions of our world, wrecking havoc on endangered species like orangutans, sunbears, gibbons, sumatran tigers, and malayan tapirs.

When you buy soap from Gratitude Soapery, you are getting your hands on a completely vegan luxury soap that is produced with our planet in mind. It doesn’t harm the environment and it’ll make your skin feel like a million bucks, too.

Ingredients for every bar of handmade soap: shea butter, rice bran oil, distilled water, babassu oil, apricot kernel oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), coconut oil, castor oil, plant-based essential oils, cosmetic grade colorants.

See us work.

This photo gives you a peek in to how we make soap. (And you even get a sneak peek of who we are. It’s always nice to meet the makers, isn’t it?)

 The Studz Behind Sudz By Studz and Gratitude Soapery

Before Gratitude Soapery was born, we started Sudz By Studz as our first retail/wholesale soap company. You may already know us as “The Studz”!