Respect Lip Conditioner


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Soft words, soft lips, a softer outlook

Pausing before we speak can make a world of difference.   Sometimes hard to do, but a little cue like applying our lip conditioner may help you build that habit.  This silky conditioner is a blend of coconut, apricot and castor oils.  Emollient rich and soothing for dry or irritated lips.  Candelilla wax, a vegan friendly alternative to beeswax, creates a firm, not sticky, conditioning balm and provides an extra bit of protection for your lips.

Here's what our customers say:  "The lip conditioner was moisturizing but not greasy. Light pleasant scent and felt refreshing and nice on any time of the day!

The sweet scent of fruit and a hint of sparkling wine combine for a refreshing scent that will bring a smile to your face.  


Ingredients:  coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, candelilla wax, castor oil, flavor


Directions for Use:  Pause, smooth on dry lips for instant silkiness, smile.