Gracious Face Mask

Rose Hips + Hibiscus

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A Nourishing Mask + Guided Meditation:

When we set out to create a face mask, we knew it had to do something more than nourish your face.  The experience should also nourish your soul. That's why in addition to a mask full of good for your skin ingredients, we're including a good-for-your-soul meditation with every order.

Meet Gracious: 

French pink clay, the gentlest of clays, combined with botanicals including rose hip powder and hibiscus.  A pink mask packed with ingredients rich in vitamin C and antioxidants to improve the appearance of tired skin, reduce the appearance of aging and bring out your natural glow.

How It's Made:

Our masks each start with a base of French clay to provide mild exfoliation and then we add ingredients to provide the care your skin needs, like colloidal oatmeal to soothe, or rosehips and hibiscus to bring out your glow, or activated charcoal to reduce the appearance of pores.  To complete the experience, we chose essential oils that compliment the ingredients.  The masks are powdered so you activate the ingredients by adding water to create the texture that works for you.  

We include a brush you can use to mix and apply the mask.*  

While the mask works, you relax and care for your soul with one of our meditations. 

Our masks are in glass jars with metal lids to preserve freshness.  When it's time for more, you can purchase a refill.  Mask refills are packaged in eco-friendly glassine bags.  You simply open the bag and refill your original container.    

True self-care - care for your face, care for your soul, so you can get back out there and care for the world.  


French pink (kaolinite) clay, coconut milk powder, hibiscus powder, rose powder, marshmallow root powder, rosehip powder, zea mays, allantoin, Egyptian geranium essential oil 

To Use: 

Mix one tablespoon powder with water to form a thin paste.  Apply to your face with a brush or fingertips, avoiding your eye area.  Rest for 15 -20 minutes then rinse off with warm water.  There are approximately five applications in each two ounce jar.

Additional Tips:

We recommend you do a sensitivity test before applying the mask to your face.

Mix the mask in a glass, ceramic or wooden vessel with a brush or wooden utensil.  Using metal to mix the mask may reduce the benefits.  

*Brush may be different than pictured