Our Mission

Our Mission

Sending good vibes with every purchase.

10% of our profit goes to world-changers—
big and small.

We love giving back to local charities, awe-inspiring non-profits and visionaries of all kinds who help make the world a more just, loving, and happy place.

10% Goes Back

Getting essential hygiene products to those in need.

We repurpose soap shavings and other scraps into new soap that’s donated to local shelters and missions to help those who need it most: homeless individuals, families living in poverty, and survivors of domestic violence, sex and/or labor trafficking.

Hygiene Help

We are honored to join you in your journey to Gratitude.

We are so humbled that we get to combine our passion for soap making and helping humanity. We truly hope that our soaps provide a way for you to connect with yourself and others. Thanks for making Gratitude a movement alongside us.