Face Forward

Skincare as selfcare.

We've gathered our favorite skincare essentials into one gift that provides essential selfcare.

A superfatted cleansing bar, a clay based face mask, lip conditioner, and extras that make this super special: a handcrafted soap dish to elevate your cleansing bar, a headband to make this feel even more like a spa experience, and a brush to apply the face mask.

The best part? A guided meditation led by Drea, one of the country's leading coaches, and a constant source of inspiration and encouragement.


Have It All

The Gratitude Sampler launched last year and was immediately chose as a featured item for the We Are Women Owned online pop-up market.

It's even better this year, with samples of four of our most popular body bars (Abundance, Comfort, Intuition and Radiance) and our four superfatted cleansing bars (Authentic, Balanced, Delicate and Gracious).

Say "you matter" with this box full of Gratitude.



Your favorite scent since it launched. The soothing floral of French lavender combined with the fresh scent of chamomile combined to encourage presence, mindfulness and a sense of calm and well being.

This takes comfort with you from morning through evening, Start the day with a bar moisturizing soap. ina natural fiber soap saver. The soap saver helps extend the life of your bar as it gently exfoliates. Return to comfort in the evening during a relaxing spa moment in a cloud of scent from the bath bomb. And for those in between moments we've tucked in a a lavender filled sachet. Keep it on your desk, in the car, wherever you may need a moment to regroup and recall a sense of comfort and calm.