How did this start?

Gratitude Soapery was created to promote happiness, gratitude, kindness, and charity; infusing our love for soap making in vast efforts to make a difference.

Gratitude Soapery was born in the hands of Kenna of Modern Soapmaking. Her goal was to establish a socially conscious soap company that could change the world with every bar sold, while inspiring and energizing consumers every morning in their shower. She coupled determination and a strong work ethic with crowd-funding awesomeness and voila, Gratitude Soapery was born.

Gratitude Soapery Giveaway WinnersA year after Gratitude Soapery’s creation, Kenna found her true love in coaching & mentoring other entrepreneurs in the soapmaking industry and decided to find Gratitude Soapery a new home through Give Gratitude.

We were among over 75 applicants to Give Gratitude, and were awarded the company in October of 2014 with the promise that we would continue the mission to the change the world with every bar sold.

As the new owners of Gratitude Soapery, we have big shoes to fill, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have this opportunity to make a difference with our suds. Gratitude Soapery is rich with a history of giving, and we plan on continuing to create the most successfully charitable soapmaking effort around. Help us change the world one bar at a time; all you have to do is lather happy.

Feel good, do good, rinse, and repeat!