Holiday Gratitude: Giving Back

Over the past few weeks, my partner and I delivered over 500 bars of soap to local shelters, nonprofits and missions in the Sacramento area; all of which was made possible by you and your support!

gratitude-soapery-featured-organization-lgbt-center-sacTo start, I visited our friends over at the Sacramento LGBT Center and delivered a case of soaps. They do a tremendous job of helping at-risk and homeless youth by providing around three showers a day, on average. Thanks to your support and our collective contributions, their guests shower exclusively with the same quality soap that you and I  lather happy with every day.

Shortly thereafter, I visited a longtime friend and colleague over at Loaves and Fishes – Sacramento’s exclusive shelter and service provider for the homeless (of which, sadly, we have a lot). This time, I was lucky enough to get a tour of all of their facilities and even had the pleasure of meeting a few of the people who benefit from our donations. From what I understand, they provide hundreds of people with showers on the daily; as it stands, we’d be hard pressed to get a bar of soap in to the hands of everyone there who needs it. When they are not using our premium soaps, they resort to hotel soaps and the like. Our dream is to be able to provide them with so much soap that no one would have to use anything else to shower with. Will you help make that a reality for their shelter-goers?

gratitude-soapery-stack-of-donation-soapWhile I was busy delivering soaps to the above shelters and nonprofits, Tyler dropped off a box of soaps to Communities Against Sexual Harm (CASH) here in Oak Park. Given that our city has the second highest occurrence of sex and labor trafficking, it is nonprofits like CASH that make it possible for trafficking survivors to get the help they need. When they aren’t providing their guests with necessities, they are holding educational workshops and peer-to-peer mentoring for them. We live nearby  – literally a few blocks away – and are grateful for the work that CASH does for our community!

Our last donation was gifted to a newly requested organization that we chose to feature: Twin Lakes Food Bank in Folsom, California. As fate would have it, one of our regulars works with the food bank and found out that we do donations upon request. Once he sent in his request for soaps, we were beyond happy to provide them for him and the constituents of the food bank. Their services range from grocery and food assistance, which they will even deliver to senior citizens, to clothing as well as specialized birthday kits. Our hearts are filled with joy to know that our soaps will be included as a part of their grocery assistance program!

In the coming weeks, we are planning on delivering more donation soaps in addition to any remaining holiday overstock we may have. If you know of a shelter, nonprofit, mission or charity that is doing good work, please nominate them so that we can get soap to them too.

Happiness is a hot shower, especially during the holidays; remember to feel good, do good and lather happy for the winter season!


  1. Bobbie says

    You two are angels in disguise! Not only do you make amazing soaps, lip balm and body butter, but an amazing new deodorant! Your gifts to these agencies make those who are sometimes invisible and forgotten to feel special. Thank you for your compassion and caring for all mankind. There is a special place being held for you in heaven. My life is better because of you. Have a blessed holiday. Love to you both….

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