Grateful for Wonderful Friends

PT&DVEarlier this year, I met another soapy CEO at a regional conference we were both speaking at. Over time, we’ve become quite wonderful friends because we genuinely understand, and empathize with, each other on a very deep level; we both wear the same hats in our companies, are dating our business partners and often times experience the same struggles of entrepreneurship. There aren’t enough words to describe how grateful I am to have her in my life, both as a beloved colleague and cherished friend.

When I told her that I was participating in a 30 day blogging challenge, she was kind enough to offer to write a guest blog for me. That’s right: she took time out of her super busy schedule to write about the first time we officially hung out away from our soaperies. So without further adieu, here is her magnificent piece:


DV&PT“In a little town halfway between Sacramento and Antioch, Preston and I had lunch at a weird little place called Al the Wop’s. I guess when they named it, people still said things like “wop.” It had been a few months since we met up at the Central Soaper’s Workshop and we kept meaning to get together, but entrepreneurial life is busy and it’s hard to make time for anything but work.

Despite this only being the third time we’d laid eyes on each other in person, Preston and I lost track of time talking about everything from what it’s like being a soaprepreneur, to marketing, to the time my friends and I dressed up like Hunter S. Thompson and had a scavenger hunt through Vegas.

It takes a special kind of crazy to decide to start a soap company, and then even beyond that, it takes an even crazier kind of special crazy to decide to go into business with one’s partner. Preston and I are both those kinds of crazy… but knowing Preston has helped me feel a little less crazy. I mean, yes, we’re both kind of lunatics (sorry, Preston, it’s true), but now it seems at least workable lunacy.

We work hard as Hell. We’re focused. We love what we do, even when it’s awful. We know that putting one foot in front of the other is sometimes the only way to keep moving. As Confucius said, “It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.”

When Preston decided to do this blog challenge, I was all for it. And now here it is, right at the end, and I’m honored and excited to tag in for a guest entry.

Preston, you rule.” – Danielle Vincent, CEO of Outlaw Soaps


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    I wouldn’t be a soap maker if it weren’t for my friendship with Cathy McGinnis from Newt & Fig, The Soap Deli and Soaping 101. She encouraged me to try making the cold process soap I’d fallen in love with, and now I own Spoonbridge Soaps selling online and thru a local art gallery in St. Paul. You just never know !

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