Soap Sessions

We happily venture out of the cozy confines of our soap making studio to share the love with our Soap Sessions.

There are a TON of people out there who can benefit from the art of soap making. Our mission is to meet these unique individuals from all walks of life, and help them on their journey. By teaching soap making to those who need it most, we are doing a few really awesome things:

  • Many of the individuals we teach are parents, whose families desperately need any help they can get. If soap making can be put on their table, they can create not only body soap, but laundry soap and cleaning products for their families for a fraction of the cost of commercial products. This is a BIG step in the right direction for teaching self-sustainability and resourcefulness, giving them the tools they need to move forward without feeling a further financial burden.
  • Soap making is a combination of science (chemistry, specifically!), math, and art. Many of the individuals we teach also struggle with a poor education history, and getting them interested in a craft that requires fundamental science and math fuels a passion for learning. And it doesn’t even feel like school!
  • The biggest driving factor for our love of soap making? It’s a creative outlet that lets us escape from reality for a little bit, and teaches us to trust ourselves and take better care of our skin. Soap Sessions provide a learning environment that results in a tangible creation that can be enjoyed by the maker. There’s nothing better than using a product created by your own two hands.

Are you a part of an organization who can benefit from a Soap Session? Get in touch, we want to come raise a bar or two for the lovely people you work with.