Get Involved

Any one of us can change the world at any given moment. That’s the beauty of individual realities. One small act of love makes a world of difference.

If you don’t make soap…

There are a million and one ways to change the world. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Put a smile on. Not only does smiling make you glowmake you feel better, but it makes OTHERS feel awesome, too. Every single person you smile at will have their lives touched. It’s contagious and free. Get on it.
  • Give a smile. Send a picture of a baby kitten to your best friend, or tell your co-worker that her hair looks amazing today. Tell a corny joke to your kid. Send a quick thank you email to someone who influences your life in some way. The sky’s the limit!
  • Be happy. Roald Dahl once said, If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams. So get shining. For twenty-one days, try changing your life like we did. You might find a better person in the mirror, and you’ll be making a huge difference in the world with your positive attitude and random acts of kindness!
  • Like to play games? Your game board skills are in demand at a local senior center, go show someone’s Grandpa what is up! Even if you get the snot beat out of you, your visit will mean the world to an absolute stranger.
  • Raid your pantry, and take those cans of green beans you got on sale for 29 cents each to a local food pantry. Make it a habit to stock up on non-perishable items during hot sales, buy one for your family and another for a family in need. You’ll help feed someone who might have gone without.
  • Declutter your closet. You know that sweater your mother bought you for Christmas five years ago that’s still hanging in the back of your closet? It might be hideous, but it would keep someone warm. Round up all the clothes you never wear and give them new life by donating them to a local shelter or church.
  • Love to read? Coincidentally, kids love stories. Volunteer to read at your local library, even if you don’t make crazy voices (but it’s oh so fun!), you’ll be influencing our future generations with a love for learning. Not a fan of reading out loud? How about dusting off your bookshelf, and donating some of your books, instead?

Need more ideas? Download this humongous list of things you can do to make a difference. Or check this book out for 330 ideas that won’t cost you a dime. (And it would be silly for us not to add, that buying soap from Gratitude Soapery makes a difference, too.)

You are so totally a soap maker, we knew it.

Guess what? You make a rockin’ product that can make a huge impact, too. Have you considered:

  • Rebatch the scraps. Take all your scraps and rebatch them, and then find a local organization that needs your handiwork. It feels great taking your waste and making it a viable product for someone in need.
  • Don’t have time for that nonsense? Send your scraps to Clean the World instead. They’ll do all that hard work for you. (Score!)
  • Share the love. You don’t have to give away your secrets to success or your tried and true formula, but share the science and art of soap making. Host a demonstration for a local youth organization or Boy Scout/Girl Scout troop. See if your local high school has a Chemistry class that could benefit from seeing you in action. You remember everything soap making has taught you, now think about how just getting a taste of that could help someone else.
  • Become a mentor. Reach out to another soap maker or entrepreneur in another industry to share your knowledge and be a guiding light. It feels fantastic to know that you are helping someone do what they love – mentoring is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.