Products With A Purpose

Every quarter, we financially contribute to our featured organizations through our Products With A Purpose. We choose organizations based on the funding impact and their purpose, and tend to focus on organizations that directly help people in need via a service or product.

Products With A Purpose

CTW_logo_RGBClean The World

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As soap makers, we are down for any cause that involves getting soap to people in need. Even better, Clean The World does so with a zero-waste philosophy – which is something we can all have gratitude for.

So far, they have donated over 11 million bars of soap + 325,000 tons of shampoo and conditioner while simultaneously eliminating 750 tons of waste. Their distribution channels funnel through more than 65 countries worldwide, too. How do they accomplish this? By recycling soap and shampoo products that would otherwise be discarded by the hospitality industry.

Even better, 95% of money donations and fees go directly to their operational costs. Which means we can all rest assured that these guys and gals are spending their time, energy, and resources in all the right places.

Products That Benefit This Organization

Handmade Soap With a Purpose

We donate $1 for every bar sold of our rose scented Loving handmade soap to Clean the World. You can directly support this organization by loading up on Loving:

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Centerlink serves over 200 LGBT community centers across the world, all of which together assist 1.7 million people annually. CenterLink helps develop strong, sustainable LGBT community centers and builds a thriving center network that creates healthy, vibrant communities.

CenterLink envisions communities where lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people have access to flourishing LGBT community centers that advance their safety, equality and well-being. Centerlink helps accomplish their mission by using 94% of money donations and fees directly on programs and services.

According to Centerlink, 40% of LGBT centers provide direct healthcare services and 10% of centers exclusively serve communities of youth, color, seniors or women. That means a lot of support for minority communities within a minority community.

Products That Benefit This Organization

Lemongrass Handmade SoapWe donate $1 for every bar sold of our lemongrass scented Humble handmade soap to CenterLink. You can directly support this organization by scoring a bar or two of Humble:

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Polaris-logoPolaris Project

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Modern slavery is a multi-billion dollar criminal industry that denies freedom to 20.9 million people around the world, which includes trafficked sex and labor workers. Thankfully, Polaris Project offers programs for survivors, policy advocacy, a national human trafficking resource center, 24 hour hotlines, training – which includes counter-trafficking strategies, as well as various global programs to help put an end to the highest rate of slavery in human history.

With 93% of funding being used for programs and fundraisers, we know the Polaris Project is making one of the largest impacts on demolishing the incidence of human trafficking and slavery in our world.

Products That Benefit This Organization

Rosemary Handmade SoapWe donate $1 for every bar sold of our rosemary scented Honest handmade soap to CenterLink. You can directly support this organization by grabbing a bar of Honest:

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