Grace Candle

Sandalwood + Vetiver

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 The Danes have hygge. 

The French have bonheur.

The Japanese have ikigai.

The magical moment of connection when you realize everything is just as it should be.  The perfect summer afternoon, the clear vision of your purpose,  the sense of moving with the universe.  These candles are designed to help you summon those moments.  Lusciously scented candles created from a luxurious vegan blend of apricot and coconut wax with wooden wicks that add a hint of crackle.  Scented with a blend of essential oils and the highest quality fragrances, these candles, like the best perfumes. offer top, middle and base fragrance notes.  


Stepping softly through life, accepting difficult moments with ease, offering a soft heart to those around you.  Grace for yourself and others drifts toward you on the scent of sandalwood and vetiver. 


Top notes:  citrus and sage

Middle notes: sandalwood and vetiver 

Base notes: oud, musk and amber

Average burn time:  45 hours

Important Safety Information:

Burn within your sight.

Keep away from flammable objects.

Keep away from children and pets.

Burning Instructions:

Trim the wick to 1/4 "

Be sure the candle is on a stable heat-resistant surface.

Keep candle free of any foreign materials, including matches and wick trimmings.

When you light the candle, let it burn until a full melt pool develops but not more than four hours.  With these candles you may notice a bit of wax clinging to the vessel.  That will melt down as you continue to use the candle.

Stop using the candle when only 1/4" of wax remains.