You Are the Special Occasion You’ve Been Waiting for (Use the Soap!)

Truth time!

How many bars of “special” soap do you have sitting around in your cupboard? You know, soap you bought because it smelled so good, looked so pretty, and made you so excited just having it?

Maybe it’s something you received as a gift, and that gift made you smile. But then you looked at it and thought, “I’m going to save that for something special.”

And then it went into the cupboard, and it sat there, and sat there. And the cupboard smelled great! But the longer it sat there, the harder it was to go ahead and open it, because surely there would be a special occasion very soon.

Sound familiar?

Here’s a radical thought—today is special enough for that soap. Y-O-U are special enough for that soap.

First of all, it’s soap. It’s meant to be used. Second of all, every time you use that soap, you can remember the pleasure of choosing it, or thinking about the person who gave it to you. And in that moment, you can say a quick word of thanks or send a positive thought, or make a note to call or reconnect with a friend. You can remind yourself that you deserve respect—that you are radiant, that you have an abundant life.

Finally, when you use the last of your soap and purchase your next bar, you are actually doing two good things: 1) purchasing a great bar of soap that will make you smile, and 2) giving a bar to someone in need—ergo, making them smile! It’s a win-win.

So, to all you savers of soap, I say Y-O-U are the special event. Use the soap!

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