We're taking a step on the sustainability journey

Sometimes, the problems of the day seem pretty overwhelming, don't they?  And sometimes, it feels almost pointless to keep trying. Does it really make a difference if you take your own bags to the grocery, or sort your trash, or take your own bottle to work rather than using (another) plastic bottle?   I frequently find myself juggling produce and milk because I forgot my bags when I went to the supermarket. There are times when I purchase bottled water because I left my bottle at home or in the office.  We sort the recycling, but the odd bottle or carton ends up in the wrong container. But then I see those pictures of the ocean full of plastic bottles and the landfill overflowing and I wonder if my small measures are really meaningful.

That is when it helps to remember the wisdom of Lao Tzu:  "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."  

So, Gratitude is going to take a small step on the sustainability journey.  Beginning February 1, online purchases will come with two options -boxed, meaning you will receive our fabulous soap in one of our boxes, and unboxed, meaning you can receive our fabulous soap in a glassine bag.  We know there are times you want the box, and that's just fine.  Boxes certainly make gifts more special, even when that gift is for yourself. And maybe you just like the boxes and will choose another area of your life to make a small change.  That's fine too.  There's no judgment here.

Is giving you this choice going to change the world?  Probably not.  But it is one more step on our journey of mindful and intentional living, and one more way we can support your journey.  And, if we all take a few small steps, together we can make a big difference.


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