The Real Meaning Behind “Treat Yo’Self”

I loved the show Parks and Recreation. And even if you’ve never watched a single episode, you’ve surely heard the expression “treat yo’self.”

Classic! Who didn’t love watching Tom and Donna take LA by storm?

But “treat yo’self” is more than just an expression.

Self-care has certainly risen to the top of our collective consciousness. While some may view self-care as self-indulgence, it’s actually very important to living a healthy life. Self-care can be a day at the spa or a vacation, but it can also be much simpler and closer to home.

But one thing’s for sure: there’s no better self-care than treats!

Psychologist Gretchen Rubin has written about the psychology of treats. Rubin claims that a treat is not a reward—a reward is earned, but a treat is “just because.”

According to Rubin, treats help us feel energized and valued. And in today’s world, when it can be very hard to find the energy to keep on fighting, it seems to me that we can use all the treats we can get.

We can choose to treat ourselves to those mini Snickers bars in our kid’s Halloween bucket, or we can choose something a little healthier and less guilt-inducing.

Using Gratitude soap is a treat. It feels good. It smells good. It reminds you of your good intentions. And it reinforces those good habits of mindfulness and gratitude.

And it’s not just a treat for yourself. With each purchase, you are treating someone else, too. That’s because we donate one bar for every bar you purchase! Think of how happy a treat makes you—what a difference your gift will make in someone else’s life!

So, go ahead...treat yo’self!

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