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The Gratitude Site is Officially Relaunched!

Hi everyone!  It's been a whirlwind two months since I took over Gratitude Soapery in August.  The website is officially up and running - hooray!  Since August I've been working behind the scenes to update the website and social sites, transfer inventory, learn Gratitude's soap recipes (always my favorite part), and complete a mountain of small to-dos.

I'm tremendously grateful for so many people through this process.  Kenna at Modern Soapmaking has been an invaluable resource for launching a business and understanding the brand and voice.  Preston and Tyler, Gratitude's previous owners, were a huge help in transitioning all the little details of the business.  Lastly, my husband has been a-mazing.  I can't even count how many cups of tea and encouraging words he provided as I banged away at the keyboard in the wee hours of the morning.

What am I looking forward to next?

I'm super excited to create confetti soaps for the first quarterly Soap for Society donation (Confetti Soap is our way of using scraps and leftovers for donations. Check it out!) and share this quarter's Ten Percent Promise donations with our rockstar nonprofits.  Since day one I've been looking forward to doing the the "do good" part of our "feel good, do good" mantra.  Gratitude Soapery has such strong roots in giving back to the community and I'm excited to finally bring everything full circle.

I also cannot wait to share with you new products in the works for 2018.  The details are of course top secret but I really think you're going to love them (I'm already in love with the test versions!)  I'll be sharing product launches and behind-the-scenes updates on the blog, so watch this space for more info!

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