Here’s What Our Colors Actually Mean - any why they help anchor your intentions

If you follow along with Gratitude Soapery, you’ve probably noticed how much we love color. In fact, we intentionally focused on color when we photographed each of our products. Why? Because color is a powerful force in our lives. It’s an easy and quick visual identifier—a reminder, a reinforcement.

Think about it for a moment: How often have you used colorful phrases such as “it’s not black and white” or “red and blue states” or “green with envy” or “true blue friend”? It doesn’t take long to conjure a mental picture when we hear these statements. Not to mention, if things are described to you with a color association, you almost immediately react.

The colors of our soap are designed to reinforce your good intentions and the moments you find important. If you picked up a bar of plain white soap, would it reinforce your intention to consider the abundance in your life the same way one of our green Abundance bars would? Probably not.


So, here’s why we chose very specific colors for our very specific bars of soap: 


Abundance: Our Abundance bar is green, not because it’s the color of money, but because green abounds in nature—the rich diversity of plants, the burst of spring after a cold, long winter, the color of crops growing. All of these signs of abundance are green.

Compassion: Our Compassion soap is a soft, pinky-red. Pink is the color of universal love, for yourself and others. It also stands for friendship and approachability. We think those are the hallmarks of compassion.

Comfort: The color purple is associated with very strong, calming influences. When you need some comfort, you are also seeking calmness. The soft purple of our comfort soap is there to help you breathe deeply and fully—a reminder that this stressful moment will pass.

Intuition: Blue sky, blue sea—these images represent openness, expansiveness, a moment of quiet and just being. When we think of blue, it gives us a chance to listen to the silence and our internal voice. We want to help you tune in to your intuition, so we’ve chosen blue for our intuition soap.

Radiance: Orange is the color of youth, creativity, vibrancy and happiness. Did you know that just smelling the scent of orange can increase your body’s production of serotonin? When you experience the happy scent and the vibrant color of Radiance, you smile. And that smile creates a glow—and that glow, of course, is radiance!

Respect: We actually use gold mica to achieve this dusty yellow color, because gold has always been a sign of value. And we believe there is no greater value than respect for yourself and others.


See? Our colors are intentional—just like you. And they work as a partnership with our scents to create a sensory reminder for your every day.

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