Small moments

woman standing by a counter holding a cup of coffee with the caption small moments matter 

Do you grab your coffee on the run, tapping your foot while you wait on line?


Do you find a cold mug half full of tea sitting on your desk at least once a day?


Do you ever find yourself wondering why that person at the  stop light couldn't have moved off just a little faster?


Do you hop in and out of the shower without ever pausing to feel grateful for clean hot water?


Yes, and Yes, and Yes, and Yes!


These small moments make up a very large portion of our days, and yet we rush through them as if they are unimportant. We don't take a moment to smell the rich aroma of the coffee or be grateful for the hot water.  


Why are we in such a hurry all the time? 


Why do we hold our breath and rush from point to point?


Because we've been conditioned to hurry?


Because we've been told that we will get passed by those going faster and we'll miss out?


Because everyone we know is "busy" and we're afraid if we aren't busy, too, we'll look like slackers, or people with nothing important to do?


No matter how many good intentions we have, it's easy to lose sight of the value of the small moments.  I know I do.  I sometimes realize I'm holding my breath or hunching my shoulders or that my jaw is clenched. I multitask on phone calls with loved ones and try to use the I-pad and watch a movie and have a "conversation" with loved ones simultaneously.  


And then I realize how much I've missed.  I say "what?" way too much.  And I ask people to repeat.  Or I respond and hope my mumbled answer makes sense and is relevant and doesn't reveal that I was somewhere else.


Mindfulness doesn't have to be a big thing, complete with cushions and crystals and incense.  It can become your way of life just by making very small change. 

Try applying the "tiny moments" approach to your day.  


  1. Start with a tiny behavior - just take a minute to feel the water temperature in your shower, for example.
  2. Let this tiny behavior become part of your everyday routine - making it part of your routine makes it easier to build the habit.
  3. Nourish your tiny behavior - make it special, and then let it build. 



This week, I’m focusing on all the small moments.  Because when I sit quietly and look for happy memories and a sense of peace, the small moments are the ones I recall. 

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