No More Soggy Bottom!




Picking up a bar of soggy soap is just icky.  And cleaning up the mess in the soap dish is also icky.  Here are a few tips to avoid all that ick!

1. Avoid soggy bottom.
You'd get soggy too if you sat in a pool of water all day. When you finish with the soap, elevate it on a soap dish that will help it drain. This one is handcrafted from wood, with grooves that let that water drip off and out. The wood absorbs the water, keeping that soap out of the goop.

2. Keep your soap outside the shower.
All the damp, humid air may be great for plants. But soap? Not so much. If you let the soap sit outside the shower area, it will benefit from much better air circulation. Which means more drying out between uses. Which means longer life and no soggy bottom!

3. Use up those ends.
All good things must end - even that luscious bar of soap. When you are getting down the slimmest sliver, find a mesh bag or mitt and slip the soap inside. You get the benefit of the great lather from that last bit, and it doesn't slip away down the drain.

More ideas - 

Using a mesh scrubbie, a loofah or a washcloth to work up a lather will make your soap last longer.  The friction helps build up all that lovely lather with much less water.

Feeling crafty?  You can save up the bits and pieces and use them to make your own liquid soap.  Here's a tutorial  from the folks at The Spruce Crafts.  

Finally, spread that good scent around.  All soap is cured before it's sold, to let the water evaporate and make the bar harder.  However, you can unwrap your soap when you first receive it and let is sit unwrapped in your linen closet or a drawer and it will dry out a bit more, making it even harder and longer lasting.  And, if you let those little bits at the end dry out REALLY WELL, then slip them into your shoes, that funky foot smell might be a thing of the past.

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