Begin, again. New products and a return of a favorite.


It's back to school time, which for me always seems like the beginning of a new year.  Perhaps that's true for many of us.  It doesn't matter how old I get; this time of year always feels like a time of hope and excitement.
That doesn't mean this time of year is all happiness.  There's also a bit of melancholy.  Things remembered that are bittersweet and a realization that time is passing and change is inevitable. 
And so it is with Gratitude Soapery.  Change is coming!
Some beginnings and some endings.
First, the beginnings! 
Two big things:  Bath Bombs are coming back and we have Stickers.
  Bath bombs launched for the first time in December 2019.  They moved out of the lineup a few months later.  Why?  Packaging.  One of the biggest challenges in this industry is packaging.  It needs to stand up to being handled in shops, it needs to keep the product nice in the mail, and it needs to be affordable, because that keeps the price for the goods reasonable when working with small batches.  BUT, it also needs to be as environmentally friendly as possible and able to be recycled.  We struggled with packaging bath bombs.  What looked cute was suboptimal for mailing and didn't stand up to much handling.  But plastic, especially single use plastic,  is a non-starter.  So, we've found a solution that works, or seems to, as there haven't been complaints since we made the change.  I'm excited to put these back in the lineup.  Fizz will stay for now.  Bath bombs will be back on August 23. That date happens to be my best friend from high school's birthday.  Just a coincidence, but these do make really lovely gifts, so maybe something will be headed her way!
I know, you're saying "I'm too old for stickers."  Well, first off, no you are not.  Second, no way are you too old for stickers.  Third, you're not too old!  I love stickers.  And yes, I did get irritated when my kids were little and stuck them where they shouldn't have.  But they are fun.  Simple little reminders of your intentions.  Visual cues to stop the crazy talk and engage with the present moment.  These were designed specifically for Gratitude Soapery to reflect your intentions, thoughts, and mantras.  They have been included in your packages for a while now and the feedback has been great.  Now, you can purchase them and use them yourself or gift them.  And to keep it fresh, we'll keep looking at new designs.  So, you may get something in your package that is not available for purchase.  Because, hey, that's kind of fun!
These changes also mean we will be moving some things around on the site.  We'll make it easy to find what you are looking for and you may discover a new favorite.
The endings.
 We will be retiring a few of the scents and colors.  It's time to make some changes and to make room for the new, some of the current must go.  Love will be out of the lineup but will make an occasional appearance as a special offer.  The same with Respect and Compassion.  That also means changes to our popular collection set.  Going forward, the box will include four bath and four facial soaps.  Still eight, but a different look.  And still an amazing opportunity to try something new!
Gratitude Soapery exists to make your ordinary moments extraordinary.  In a world of constant change one way to keep from feeling overwhelmed is to connect with the present moment.  The future will get here, and the past can't be altered.  This moment is the one that matters.  We want to be there with you, like a true friend, gently reminding you that in this moment,
you are enough, you have enough. 

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