NEW Gratitude Soapery Naturally Beautiful Facial Bar Soaps

We have something NEW, just for you!

We’re launching our very own skincare line of Naturally Beautiful facial soaps! Think: four new fragrances, and one tried-and-true favorite.

So, why facial soap?

Glad you asked! As much as we love our hand and body soap, we know the delicate skin on our face deserves some extra special treatment. The hot water we use in the shower often leaves our complexion beet-red—sometimes even aggravating certain conditions, like rosacea! Not to mention, hot water dries out our skin, washing away its natural oils. Plus, when we add a face cleansing routine to our regular shower time, the rest of our body spends longer in hot water, meaning more dry skin (not just on your face, but all over!).

In an effort to protect your complexion, we strongly encourage you to keep your water warm (not hot!) and minimize your time in the tub. So, next time you hop out of the shower, grab one of these lovely, all-natural bars and show your face the love it deserves—without the hot water scorching your skin!

Meet Our NEW Facial Bar Soaps:

Authentic: A fan favorite, made with charcoal and tea tree essential oil

Delicate: Formulated with yellow silt—a very mild clay, perfect for dry or sensitive skin—calendula extract, the soft scent of Ylang Ylang and Bergamot essential oils

Balance: Made with Cambrian blue clay (ideal for oily or combination skin!) and the soothing scent of lavender essential oil

Gracious: French pink clay, aka the mildest of all the cosmetic clays, is especially good for sensitive and mature skin. Scented with the earthy tones of Egyptian Geraniums and Palmarosa oil

Truth: Our rich soap base with no added color or scent. A beautiful white that results from the blend of oils we chose, with no added color, clay or scent—just pure moisturizing soap


No matter which bar you choose, our new facial soaps will leave your skin oh-so-soft and moisturized, with the added benefits of all-natural ingredients like clay and essential oils. We’re so excited for you to try!

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