Why Facial Soap?



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Why facial soap?

Glad you asked! As much as we love our hand and body soap, we know the delicate skin on our face deserves some extra special treatment. The hot water we use in the shower often leaves our complexion beet-red—sometimes even aggravating certain conditions, like rosacea.  Not to mention, hot water dries out our skin, washing away its natural oils. Plus, when we add a face cleansing routine to our regular shower time, the rest of our body spends longer in hot water, meaning more dry skin (not just on your face, but all over).
In an effort to protect your complexion, we strongly encourage you to keep your water warm (not hot) and minimize your time in the tub. Next time you hop out of the shower, grab one of these lovely, all-natural bars and show your face the love it deserves—without the hot water scorching your skin.
 Like all of our soaps, these facial bars are made with intention.  They are vegan friendly, palm free, phthalate free and paraben free.  Cosmetic clays provide a hint of color and a bit of exfoliation in three of these beauties, Balanced, Delicate and Gracious. We've chosen essential oils provide a luscious scent and enhance your experience. The Authentic bar relies on the winning combination of charcoal and tea tree essential oil.  And for those who prefer no added scent or color, we're offering Truth.   We use a blend of skin-loving coconut oil, luxurious, softening shea butter, vitamin E rich rice bran oil, and nourishing, fatty-acid rich apricot oil.  These oils were specifically chosen for their ability to leave skin clean without leaving it dry.  The creamy lather, soft colors and natural scents combine to give you a sensory experience designed to remind you of your good intentions and reinforce your decision to treat yourself kindly.
If you love these bars as much as we think you will, you don't have to limit them to your face.  They work great in the shower - and your body will thank you!



 Real, genuine, honest. All words we use to describe someone who is authentic. But authenticity means so much more than that. Being authentic means you don’t have all the answers.  You are willing to be open and vulnerable, and to speak from the heart. When we choose to be authentic, magical things can happen. We connect with people, we see truth, we become more.  As activated charcoal gently exfoliates your skin, you'll experience the refreshing scent of tea tree essential oil.  Best for people who want more exfoliation.  
Authentic—believe in the magic of being you.



We all seek balance in our lives - just the right proportion of work and fun, salty and sweet, exercise and cheesecake.  And balance is a delicate act – teeter too much one way or the other, and things are likely to tumble.  As Oprah tells us, we can't have everything and do everything at the same time.   Our Balanced soap helps keep you from straying too far from your center.   Our lovely rich lather with shea butter and apricot kernel oil to moisturize your skin, balanced with a bit of Cambrian Blue Clay for exfoliation (and a hint of color) and the soothing scent of lavender.  Recommended for those with oily or combination skin. 
Balance - because trying to have it all, all the time, is exhausting.


We all know we should be gentle with ourselves – understand and forgive.  And a gentle touch is often called for when dealing with others.  But delicate doesn't mean weak or fragile.  Delicate means you walk softly through life - no need to stomp your feet or be the loudest person in the room to be heard.    The Delicate bar will remind you of your strength, but with a soft touch.  A powerful moisturizing blend of shea butter and apricot kernel oil, combined with the gentle properties of French Yellow Clay, Calendula Extract and the gentle scent of ylang ylang.  We recommend our Delicate soap for strong women who want to treat their dry or sensitive skin to a gentle touch.  

Delicate - gentle soap for strong women.



  There are some people who exhibit grace under pressure, who accept a compliment easily, who make us feel at ease in any situation.  We set out to capture those qualities in our Gracious facial soap.  We included French Pink Clay to help bring out your natural glow through its gentle exfoliating properties, then provided a bit of dusky rose scent, to keep those gracious moments flowing.  We recommend Gracious for people with dry, mature, or sensitive skin.  

Gracious - to help you navigate life with ease and good humor.



 “Beauty is truth, truth beauty.…” That statement really sums up our philosophy.  Simple, honest, straightforward.  We know that’s how you like to live, so our soap Truth may be just the thing to help you keep manifesting your truth.  Truth is simply our rich, moisturizing base – no added color, no added scent.  The beautiful color is a natural result of the oils we use to create this gem. Our thanks to Mr. Keats for helping us realize that beauty can be simple, just like truth.   

Truth - simple, unwavering, steadfast.

  And, like all of our bar soap, you can choose to purchase these in a box or "unboxed", to reduce your carbon footprint.    

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