My Christmas Wish

As I sit down to write this, I find myself struggling to be cheery.  While I am grateful for all that I have to celebrate this year, I am mindful that many are searching for something to celebrate.  The past year has, to state the obvious, been quite quite difficult.  There was no way to escape the cacophony of negative news and heartbreakingly sad stories.  
As I often do when I am feeling overwhelmed I turned to literature.  Reading provides a great source of calm for me.   And, as I believe in sharing, I'm going to keep this note very short, and share a few ideas for stories that restore my hope.  May they do the same for you.
With much gratitude and hope,
Oranges, a poem by Gary Soto  Not strictly about Christmas, but it is about memories and kindness.  And isn't that exactly what we want at Christmas?

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