Making a difference one bar at a time


Thank you for donating 463 bars of soap to people in need of basic hygiene products.

 Basic hygiene is something most of take for granted.  But for many, it's not so simple.  Government benefits can't be used to purchase basic hygiene products like soap, shampoo, toilet paper, tampons  or laundry detergent.  Plus, these products can be really expensive.  If the choice is food or laundry detergent, most people will choose food.

That's why donations of hygiene products are so important.  These donations make it possible for people to live with dignity.  No one should miss a job opportunity because she can't wash or have clean clothes.  And no child should ever be made fun of because she isn't clean. Yet that happens all to often.  

Karen Couch, the director of the Salina Community Food Bank said the food bank had a 35 percent increase in need between 2019 and 2020.  And while we all hope 2020 was exceptional, the fact is many are still and will continue to struggle.  Many think of donating around the winter holidays but summer is a time of great need.  Children are out of school so school lunches need to be replaced and the heat of summer can make bathing and clothes washing even more important.

 According to a survey by Feeding America and Proctor & Gamble  (conducted in 2013):  

  - One in five (21 percent) low-income families skip, delay, or cut back on medical expenses to afford household necessities, despite many households also reporting significant chronic health conditions such as asthma and diabetes.
- Three in four families (74 percent) who are unable to afford household necessities skip washing dishes or doing laundry.
- Sixty-three percent of families prioritize washing only the children's clothes in an effort to promote good hygiene among their children.
- One-third of families unable to afford household goods report bathing without soap (33 percent) or reusing diapers (32 percent) in order to get by without these basic necessities.
- Some families also substitute specific household goods for others, such as using shampoo as dish soap or baking soda as deodorant.
You can read more here.

Being able to give back feels good.  It was good to meet and talk with the people who are running these organizations and making a difference in their communities.  In fact, the local newspaper wrote an article about your donations, and the story was the Good News of the Day!  

In addition to this year's donations, last year we donated more than 200 bars of soap to the battered women's shelter, the Cat's Corner student food pantry at the local university, and the LGBTQ support organization at a local college.  We've also donated to Ashby House, a recovery and rehabilitation opportunity for women.  Here's a video about that donation!  

Can we make it 2000 this year?  I'm willing if you are!

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