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If you’ve been following along since our launch, you probably know that we’re all about sending good vibes with each purchase. For one, 10% of our profit goes to world-changers—big and small (i.e. giving back to local charities, awe-inspiring non-profits and visionaries of all kinds who help make the world a more just, loving, and happy place).

Well, I’m super excited to give you an update on all the gifts you’ve made possible in the past three months by supporting Gratitude! Take a look at what you’ve done:

Hygiene Kits for Lutheran World Relief

Gratitude donated bars of soap to our local Lutheran church for the Lutheran World Relief. Specifically, the church’s women’s organization puts together hygiene kits annually, which are then distributed around the world to those in need (psst...you can read more about the hygiene kits and LWR here!). But it doesn’t stop there—these amazing women also make and donate quilts to LWR. Their care for others, both through their work for LWR and in the community, is an inspiration.

The Rainbow Group

Great news! LGBTQ+ students at our local college finally have a support group on campus. Through the efforts of a local pastor, the commitment of the college and the leadership of a few courageous students, the group has come together to provide support for LGBTQ students to help foster an atmosphere of acceptance and inclusion. Gratitude has donated LOVE bars to the group to give to the members who had the courage to step forward.

Ashby House Christmas

We are pleased to continue our work with Ashby House! We are looking forward to celebrating the holidays by providing gifts for the current residents and finding new ways to work with Ashby House in 2020.

We are so humbled that we get to combine our passion for soap making and helping humanity. We truly hope that our soaps provide a way for you to connect with yourself and others. Thanks for making Gratitude a movement alongside us.

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