Let’s Talk About Our NEW Bath Bombs!

We divide people into a lot of groups—chocolate lovers versus vanilla lovers, coffee drinkers versus tea drinkers, red wine versus white wine, and those who love baths versus those who feel a shower is just fine, thank you very much. 

If you’re in the “baths are a gift from the gods” group, then you probably see bathing as more than a way to get clean. It’s a time to unwind, reflect, and just be. You make an effort to have an experience, rather than just have a bath.

So, with all the options out there for making bath time special, where do you start?

Bath bombs!

Bath bombs, you say? I thought those were just for giggly pre-teen girls and toddlers.

Au contraire, my friend!

Needless to say, if you have tried bath bombs in the past, you probably experienced a little disappointment—the fizz didn’t last very long, there was no real moisturizing going on, the color and scent seemed to pool on top of the water, the bomb left a colorful ring of residue, etc. Unfortunately, your lovely, relaxing experience turned into one more thing to do—cleaning the tub.

And we get it—you want a fun, fizzy, long-lasting, good-smelling, moisturizing, life-enriching moment.

Okay, we can do that!

Our bath bombs start with the two ingredients that give all bath bombs their fizz—baking soda and citric acid. Next, we add ingredients to prolong the fizz and create some bubbles, so all that bubbling and fizzing actually lasts!

Oh, and that fun, fizzing action you love so much is what’s responsible for releasing the scent—which we’ve chosen to match our most popular soaps! We add enough fragrance to enhance your experience, but not so much that it’s overwhelming. A long-lasting, fragrant experience is always indulgent, and we want you to enjoy the experience.

But our bath bombs are more than just fizz and a great scent. Gratitude’s bath bombs include shea butter and coconut oil, so your skin is treated to a moisturizing, soothing experience. And it doesn’t stop there. Gratitude bath bombs include ingredients called emulsifiers, so when those oils mix with your bath, every inch of you can receive the benefit of our luxurious shea butter—in other words, the bomb doesn’t just sit on top of the water!

But the best thing about Gratitude bath bombs is what we leave out: our bath bombs have no additional color added—just a jaunty swirl across the top to remind you of the fragrance! We want the moment you step out of the bath to feel as good as the moment you step in, and we know that won’t happen if all that color and oil is clinging to the tub, mocking you. Oh, and those emulsifiers we mentioned earlier are doing double duty, keeping the sides of the tub free from residue!

So, go ahead. Drop that ball of goodness into your tub and relax—you’re in for one fizzy good time!

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