It's time for launch!

It’s finally here – the day we launch Gratitude.

Getting here has been . . . well, pick a word.  Challenging, exciting, frustrating, fulfilling, scary.  Along the way, I have learned a lot about myself and gained a profound appreciation for every person out there who has started a business.  There have been a few mistakes and there have been some wins.  And there have been a few moments when I felt a rush of fear, just like the moment the roller coaster starts up the hill, and you really want to get off, but you can’t.

Inevitably, when my vision narrowed so I could only see the challenges and all I felt was the fear, something happened that helped me stay the course.  A neighbor cleared the snow from the driveway.  A friend called and we had a laugh.  Someone said my red bag was cheerful and made her smile.

When you have those roller-coaster moments, I wish for you two things:  people to cheer you on and the grace to recognize that gift.  Your friends and family will be in that cheering section, but so will total strangers.  The grace to recognize the gift requires you to stop running and appreciate the warmth of that moment.

In that spirit, thanks to everyone who cheered me on.  And particular thanks to:

Raymond, Aaron, Andrew, Karen, Ingrid, Eric, Alan, Adrienne, Anya, Layne, Joe, Jeanne, Carol, Susan, Sharon and all the rest of my friends and family who have listened, encouraged, packed boxes, given suggestions and told me it would work.  And special thanks to those who followed Freda’s example and just kept their mouth shut when they had doubts.

Kendra, Michelle, Preston, Tyler, Stephanie, and all the people who supported them while they touched Gratitude.

Mary, Julie, Christina, Jutta, Lena, Louise, Kristina, Charlotte, Agnes, Mary Ann, Rowena, Susan, Laura, Ann, and Jane, for your friendship and support.

To the entire team at The Wonder Jam, for everything you have done so far and everything we will accomplish together in the future.

To Shelley, for making something I was dreading fun, and to Trey, for all the ideas and the conversations and the push.

And last, but certainly not least, thanks to everyone who has supported Gratitude with a purchase, or a like, or a follow, or a recommendation.

I think we’re at the top of the roller coaster – here we go!

Yours with gratitude,




You did it! Congratulations! Hard work, faith and perseverance paid off!


Congratulations, Kristin! I’m so excited for Gratitude’s future, I can’t wait to see what happens next. <3


Congratulations, Kristin! This is fantastic and I wish you all the best. Will check out the site this weekend and look forward to helping keep share the messages of gratitude and Gratitude.

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