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Introducing Holiday 2017 Limited Edition Kind RAINBOW Soap

Each quarter here at Gratitude Soapery, I make an extra-special small-batch rainbow soap especially for you.  Each batch is different, with different rainbow swirls and patterns so every bar is one of a kind.

For the Holiday 2017 batch, I used a tiger stripe swirl (video tutorial here for my fellow soapmakers!) to create thin swirls that create an almost tye-dyed look. It was my first time with this technique, so you'll have to forgive any little spots where the colors muddied together.


How is our handmade rainbow soap made?

Handmade soap takes about a month to make (it's a practice in patience!). I mixed and poured the food grade plant oils, sodium hydroxide, essential oils and cosmetic micas into molds and let them saponify overnight. Then I sliced the loaves into bars, trimmed the edges and stamped the fronts (which requires a rubber mallet and pounding about a great stress reliever!).

When trimming handmade soap, there are always leftover scraps. I save these scraps and turn them into our Soap for Society donation soaps each quarter. Look at the gorgeous scraps from this batch!

Below is picture day for the newly cured soaps. (That's me arranging the soaps - hello!) After all the photos are taken I box up the finished soaps and they're ready for you to purchase.

These soaps sell like hotcakes, so be sure to order soon! And as always, ten percent of your purchase goes toward our awesome nonprofit partners. Just one more reason to lather happy.


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