Back to School Already? Here’s How to Keep Your Cool

It’s that time of year again. The kids are lining up at the bus stop, lunches are packed, and homework is stuffed in every backpack—which can only mean one thing...

School has started!

Sure, the calendar says the new year begins in January, but for many of us, autumn and back-to-school season seems like the beginning of everything:

The fall holidays are well on their way (yes, the Halloween candy is already on the shelves). The craft store is stocked with Christmas decor from one end to the other. And even though it’s still 90 degrees where I am, people are planning the fall harvest and worrying about an early snow.

I suspect that whatever your career situation may be, you’re planning for those end-of-year projects, knowing full well that the sprint to the finish line is about to begin. In fact, here at Gratitude, we’ve started the holiday preparations with various configurations of gift boxes waiting for final approval.

It’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. So, what’s a girl to do?

Find ways to remind yourself to appreciate this day. Start with a few minutes of quiet meditation—it doesn’t have to be formal, and you don’t have to chant. When you wake up, simply spend just a few minutes collecting your thoughts. Those first moments can set the mood for the entire day. Take a moment to visualize your day and the situations you’re likely to face. Set your intention, and repeat it three times.

Visualizing a happy day is the first step toward having a happy day!

Next, make your morning routine special. Choose soaps and lotions with scents that reinforce your intentions for the day (psst...we have something that can help with that!). Plus, giving yourself the gift of luxurious handcrafted products remind you that, no matter what may come your way, you are important, you are enough, and you are special. As the saying goes, “Begin as you intend to go on.”

In other words, begin the day by reminding yourself you are special!

Another way to ease into this time of year is to find at least one person to smile at on your way to work. You can even say good morning! Sharing your good mood helps prolong your good mood. Plus, you have the added bonus of knowing you made someone else’s day a bit brighter. Whenever I receive a good-morning, a smile, or a little moment of happiness from a stranger, I love it. It’s an affirmation that the world is full of good people who know how to connect in ways that involve more than just 140 characters.

And finally, if a moment comes when you just can’t even deal, remember to breathe and recall your intention for the day—repeat it three times or more, if needed. Reach back to those moments of quiet reflection you had right after you awoke, and recall those feelings of happiness and joyful anticipation.

Every day is a gift. If we start each day with that realization, we can enjoy the race.

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