A sneak peek

We are getting closer each day!

The new products (yes, that's right, products plural) are awesome!  We can't wait to share these products with you!  

Here's a sneak peek at the first runs of soap out to cure.  The colors and scents are captivating and the new formula is amazing!   Here's the first exciting change - the soap line is divided between facial soaps and hand/body soaps.  The first facial soap launch will be the ever-popular Authentic, with charcoal and tea tree essential oil.  Among others to launch first are Intuition (a beautiful blue with the scent of juniper berries and cedar) and Radiance (a happy orange color with the fresh, energizing scent of satsuma, mandarin and yuzu.)

And just to share a bit more - 


Here's a family photo - 



We will be launching lotion, lip balm, and bath bombs, so you can take a moment throughout the day for a Gratitude break - each time you take care of yourself by applying lip balm or lotion is a time to reflect and remember all that you do each day to help make this world a little better.

As excited as I am about sharing these products with you, I am even more excited about the opportunity to start a conversation around gratitude and living a life of grace.  I've been meditating along with Oprah and Deepak the past two weeks.  This series on gratitude has been, dare I say it, transformational.  As I have meditated on gratitude and worked on Gratitude, the energy behind gratitude, and Gratitude, has been so real.  As I mentioned in my first post, being able to be the steward of this brand feels like my destiny.  I have to say getting to this point has been both terrifying and exhilarating. Often on the same day and occasionally at the same time.  But we are nearly there - and it's going to be great!

Let's seize this moment - 

Yours with gratitude,


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