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4 Simple Ways to Practice Happiness Every Day

Did you know: selfishness isn't bad?

Selfishness can actually be healthy. When we put our well-being first, we become happier. When we're happy, we feel better and we interact more positively with the world. It's a win-win.

Here are four ways to practice happiness every day.

1. Practice mindful breathing

Here is an awesome tutorial on mindful breathing.  Taking even 5 minutes to relax, close your eyes, and focus on your breath releases tension and increases your ability to regulate emotions.

2. Get enough sleep

It's so simple, and your body will thank you.

3. It's OK to say no, even to nice things

Sometimes too much of a good thing is just too much. If you're feeling over-committed or stressed, it's OK to say no to invitations. Your friends will still love you, even if you stay home with your cat instead of trying that new Ethiopian restaurant.

4. Treat yo self

Parks & Rec had it right - sometimes it's important to treat yourself. Every so often, do something purely because it makes you feel good.


What are your favorite ways to practice happiness? Share 'em in the comments!

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