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What will the next 60 look like?

  I celebrated a birthday last Friday. It was a big one. With a zero. And a six. The world has changed so much since the day I was born. Ther...
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Undesired outcomes are not the same as bad decisions

      My husband recently interviewed for a new role and one of the questions he was asked by the interviewer was “tell me about your best decisi...
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Gratitude Soapery Naturally Beautiful Facial Bar Soaps

    Naturally Beautiful facial soaps   Why facial soap? Glad you asked! As much as we love our hand and body soap, we know the delicate skin on...
Just Breathe

Just Breathe

 "Just breathe."  It sounds so simple, but when we are angry or frustrated or tired, it can be hard to draw a breath.  Practicing a few simple breathing exercises will make it easier to "just breathe."

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Learning to let go

I surrender. Those words don’t have a particularly good feeling about them, do they?  No one wants to be the side that surrenders because it seems ...
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Best laid plans

My niece recently finished high school.  She’s headed to university in a few weeks and has her plan in place.  Undergraduate degree in speech patho...
Creativity in the Time of COVID-19*

Creativity in the Time of COVID-19*

  Does stress fuel creativity, or kill it?  The answer, unsurprisingly, is both.  Focused creativity is the kind of creativity needed to finish the...
Quote from the book Stone Soup by Marcia Brown "A rich  man's soup - and all from a few stones.  It seemed like magic."  The photo is a stack of rocks.

Change is like stone soup

“A rich man's soup - and all from a few stones. It seemed like magic!” ― Marcia Brown, Stone Soup   I was sitting on the back porch the other day, ...
Quote becoming is better than being by carol dweck with butterflies in the background

Being or becoming. The Choice is Yours.

I am not a big fan of self-help books and I’m particularly not a fan of the “tip” books.   You know the ones – ten things every successful business...
quote on a background of a sky with clouds.  the quote says one of the hardest lessons in life in letting go.  whether it is guilt, love, anger, loss or betrayal.  change is never easy.  we fight fight to hold on and we fight to let go

Hold on and let go

 I have spent the better part of a week writing and deleting.  And thinking about change.  I have read the articles, I have taken the class (litera...
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Change - adapting to the new normal

Well, Stress Awareness Month, otherwise known as April, is past, and May has begun.  I hope the posts were helpful.  For me, the biggest learning i...
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Managing Stress in Extraordinary Times: How About a Dose of Laughter?

  Week Four. How is it going for you? In the past week I have completely forgotten to do a task I volunteered for because I got confused about what...