What is this?

This is beautiful soap.

Truly crafted, inspiring, pure art, stunning.
Those are words that people have used to describe this soap.Rainbow of Handmade Soap

But when it comes down to it, here’s what matters: It’s completely vegan friendly, with absolutely no animal products. It’s guilt-free, leaving behind the devastating effects of palm oil production for more Earth lovin’ vegetable oils. It’s pure love for your skin, with over 25% African shea butter in every bar.

It makes you feel amazing.

Each bar is full of good vibes.

You are Strong. Gentle. Authentic. Cheerful. And it wanted to remind you. So, smile – someone recognizes the great qualities you bring to the world.

Plus, with each bar, you’ll receive a bit of collectible inspiration. Pop it in your wallet, stick it on your bathroom mirror – look at it every day, and feel the happiness we all dream about.Inspiration Kindness Cards

It does good.

Proceeds go to charitable endeavors.

Every day, right in your shower, it serves as a reminder of the difference you helped make just by lathering up.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

It’s a motto around these parts. Suds up!