Spring Into Compassion

Like newly budding plants during the transition into spring, you too have the ability to wake up and reveal your beautiful, yet hidden, nature. On this magnificent day, take a chance and do something new: resolve to become as compassionate as you can … [Read more]

2015 Gratitude Report

Thanks to your support in 2015, we stayed super busy by helping change the world one bar of soap at a time. Want to know exactly what we mean by that? Check out the 2015 Gratitude Report: Total Bars of Soap Donated In 2015, we donated over … [Read more]

Grateful for Wonderful Friends

Earlier this year, I met another soapy CEO at a regional conference we were both speaking at. Over time, we've become quite wonderful friends because we genuinely understand, and empathize with, each other on a very deep level; we both wear the same … [Read more]

5 Reasons to Smile

We all know how to smile, but do we do it enough? The effortless task of smiling is not just a way to say, Hey, I'm a happy camper! Smiling does way more than make you look happy. It can changes lives! Here are 5 reasons to smile, right … [Read more]