Grateful for Wonderful Friends

Earlier this year, I met another soapy CEO at a regional conference we were both speaking at. Over time, we've become quite wonderful friends because we genuinely understand, and empathize with, each other on a very deep level; we both wear the same … [Read more]

5 Reasons to Smile

We all know how to smile, but do we do it enough? The effortless task of smiling is not just a way to say, Hey, I'm a happy camper! Smiling does way more than make you look happy. It can changes lives! Here are 5 reasons to smile, right … [Read more]

You Are Honest

People always ask us about the names of our soaps and, if we are being honest, it makes us happy because we love to tell others about them. Today, we are going to dish about one of the words we use to describe our soaps and what it means to us. Are … [Read more]