Gratitude Soapery Relaunches!

Can you believe that it has been a month since Tyler and I¬†were announced as the new owners of Gratitude Soapery? I still pinch myself every morning to make sure that I'm not dreaming. *Pinch* - Yep, this is real life! We were among 75+ soap … [Read more]

Expressing Gratitude is Required

I don't know if you have snagged your own Gratitude bars yet... (If not, you totally should. No pressure.) As I was saying, if you haven't lathered happy yet, then you probably don't know this. When you checkout on this very website, I ask you to … [Read more]

Musical Happy Place: Beat Scout

Lots of things inspire me and make me a happy camper, especially music. What's better than throwing some indie love out there into the universe that ALSO makes me smile? Nothing, I tell you. Nothing. So I'm starting a blog series where I'll share … [Read more]